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Movie Screen

This tool can be used to embed slide shows or videosequences into a scene. It creates a rectangle on which the images are displayed. The rectangle is always directed to the camera position. Its position in space can be changed by hand.

The property pictures is a path pattern to the image files. You can use a path with a placeholder for the frame number according to the python format syntax.

For example


points for frame 567 to


An image is shown until the next file with a suitable filename ist available. Then it's replaced by that one.

So you can hold images for a longer time on screen to get the behavior of a slide show. If you have /home/freek/pics/my_picture_0567.png and next /home/freek/pics/my_picture_0617.png then the first picture will rest for (617 -567) = 50 frames, this is normally 2 seconds.

The dimension fo the rectangle is by default 64 x 48. You can change it in the rectangle objects property tab. The length hight ratio should fit the ratio of your images to avoid distortion effects.

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